Board of Directors, Senior Administration and Staff at Eastern International College in New Jersey

Board of Directors

Philip Balis, M.B.A.

Donald Grunewald, D.B.A.

Bashir Mohsen, M.S., CEO

Andrew Scott Ziner, Ph.D., President and ALO

Mustafa A. Mustafa, Ph.D., VPAA

Lt. Col. Robert Tilli, Jr.

Deborah Vilegi-Payne, Ph.D.

Paula Bloom, MHA, MPH

Executive Administration

Bashir Mohsen, M.S., CEO and Founder

Andrew Scott Ziner, Ph.D., President and ALO

Mustafa A. Mustafa, Ph.D., Vice President for Academic Affairs/Campus Director

Senior Administration

Soha Elshick, L.L.B., Registrar/ Human Resources Adminstrator

Julius Wangiwang, Ed.D, Dean of Education, Belleville

Kimberly McDonald, M.P.A., Dean of Education, Jersey City

Agnieszka Drupka, B.S., Acting Campus Director,Jersey City

College Administration and Staff


Jessica Shim, B.S., Accountant


Shirley Bell, Admissions Director, Jersey City and Belleville

Ruth Zayas, Admissions Director, Belleville

Douglas Young, B.A., Admissions Representative, Belleville

Megan Zakresky B.A. Admissions Representative

Nevine Soliman, A.A., Admission Representative, Jersey City

Jaden Ziner, Admissions Representative, Belleville

Default Management

Evelyn Pimentel, A.A.S., Default Manager

Evening Coordinators

Roxann D'Alessio, B.A., Evening Coordinator, Belleville

Shahida Qureshi, MD, Evening Coordinator, Jersey City

Financial Aid

Kinga Gizynska, M.S., Financial Aid Director

Christine Gutierrez, Financial Aid Officer, Jersey City

Rachelle Lydzustre, B.S., Financial Aid Officer, Jersey City

Ashley Kende, Financial Aid Officer, Belleville

Yolanda LaMonica, Financial Aid Officer, Belleville

Information Technology Services

Marcus Jean, B.B.A., Information Technology Officer


Lisa Bogart, Director of Library, M.L.I.S., Jersey City

Victoria Swanson, M.L.S., Director of Library, Belleville


Stephanie Bassanini, B.A., Social Media/Marketing

Placement and Career Services

Jennifer Bate, B.A., Corporate Career Service Director


Shaline Sookdeo, Registrar/HR Administrator, Belleville

Irena Kotlicka, B.A., Registar Administrative Assistant


Mary Kurzyna, Belleville

Kenya Culbreth, Belleville

Carolyn Pujols, Jersey City

Gaetana Capone, Jersey City

Student Counselor

Maria Billings, Counselor

Student Life

Joshua Ziner, Student Life Coordinator

Supportive Staff

Aminat Puebla, DH Administrative Assistant, Jersey City

Julia Mahoney A.A, Administrative Assistant, Jersey City

Diana Rocha,A.A.S., Nursing Administrative Assistant, Belleville