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EIC Institutional Mission Statement

Eastern International College is a student-centered institution dedicated to the development of its diverse student body. The EIC curriculum and environment provide students with the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in their professions of choice. This outcome is accomplished in each program through classroom lectures, active learning, hands-on experiences, and is complemented by a general education segment of the curriculum. The College faculty and staff are focused on fostering student growth in critical thinking, decision-making, a positive self-image, and the development of social skills that will prepare all students to succeed. Student development is further encouraged through collegiate services and activities that enrich students' personal and work lives.

The College strives to ensure that our students and graduates are:

  • Ethical and skilled persons dedicated to success in their careers and motivated to service others and their communities.
  • Independent thinkers informed and enriched by a general education and career competencies.
  • Lifelong learners skilled in and adaptable to new information and technologies.

The Eastern International College community will achieve these goals through dedicated teaching and scholarship, the provision of student support services that include career and personal development programs, the meaningful participation of all the constituencies of the EIC community in the educational process, and by treating each other with mutual respect and understanding.