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Student Success Series: Ms. Ramona Ramsaywack

Ms. Latchmie Ramsaywack, RN is an EIC graduate from the December 2016 class in the the Nursing Program. While in school she maintained excellent attendance and retained a 3.82 cumulative GPA. Ramona, ...
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Low Default Rate and What it Means for You

Eastern International College (EIC), with campuses in Jersey City and Belleville, educate its students in more than just its health care programs: It teaches them about the importance of repaying ...
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Star Pediatrics Guest Speaker

Star Pediatrics was here on September 14 th to go over different career opportunities and how students can prepare themsekves to become a home care pediatric Nurse. About Star Pediatrics Star ...
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Student Success Series: Bethzaida Lynn Rivera

"I recently graduated from the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Bachelor Degree program at Eastern International College. After I graduated, I passed the first portion of my American Registry for ...
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Student Success Series: Ahdiah Johnson

"I entered the Nursing program in January 2014 and graduated in August 2015 with an Associate’s Degree in Nursing! I couldn’t believe how fast time flew. I like the instructors and ...
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