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Diagnostic Medical Sonography (Ultrasound) Clinic

Coming Soon – More Details and Schedule!

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We are in the final planning stages for our ultrasound clinic. The clinic will initially provide affordable ultrasound services at our Jersey City campus and later at our Belleville campus. The following is a list of ultrasound exams to be performed.

♦♦ Abdomen (liver, renal, gall bladder, pancreas, and spleen) ♦♦

♦♦ Male and Female Pelvis (transabdominal) ♦♦

♦♦ Breast ♦♦

♦♦ Thyroid Gland ♦♦

♦♦ First, Second, and Third Trimester of Pregnancy ♦♦

♦♦ Vascular ♦♦

♦♦ Caarotid ♦♦

♦♦ Lower Extremity Arterial ♦♦

♦♦ Lower Extremity Venous (including greater and lesser saphenous veins) ♦♦

♦♦ Abdominal Aorta ♦♦