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Career Services at Eastern International College

The primary mission of Career Services is to coach, prepare and support students and Graduates to become the best career ready applicant in a global work environment through educational and student learning experiences. Career Services collaborates with companies, area colleges, community partners, faculty, alumni and staff to assist students to become real-world ready productive citizens. The staff of the Eastern International College is committed to assisting graduates achieve their career goals.

At Eastern International College we not only want to train you for your future position in the workplace, but also want to help you with job placement and show you how to secure an entry level position in the medical field. We have a Director of Career services to help out EIC students before their final courses in the training program. Students are given interviews and pre-testing appointments after graduation requirements are completed.

Services Provided by EIC Regarding Job Placement

To accomplish the mission, the Office of Career Services promotes, coordinates, and provides services to assist students with career guidance and current job search strategies and opportunities. The staff provides not only general information and support, but also individual career counseling to assist in exploring and setting career goals. We provide one-on-one training, workshops, and group presentations to help students learn how to secure a job post-graduation.

We also provide the following:

  • Resume writing training
  • Networking courses
  • Dress for success workshops
  • Professionalism in the workplace courses
  • Interview preparation
  • Externship preparation
  • Conducting a professional job search courses

The Office of Career Services works closely with our externship and student-life departments to offer assistance to students looking for volunteer opportunities, externships, (full-time or part-time jobs) in preparation for their career goal.

Career Services offers many services to students and alumni. The office encourages students to register as they begin their programs and take advantage of the resources throughout their time at the College. Career Services is not a placement office.

Healthcare Education for Students in New Jersey

We encourage guest speakers and employers to visit the college so that they can interview students on their own for potential permanent and temporary jobs. We cannot guarantee placement for every student, but we will do our best to assist each graduate to find a job in his or her field.

Call our college at 201-216-9901 (Jersey City) or 973-751-9051 (Belleville) today!