Echocardiogram Machine

An echocardiogram, also known simply as an echo, can provide a lot of helpful information about patients’ hearts. For example, if a patient has blood clots, issues with the aorta, or a similar concern, healthcare providers can use echoes to get a clear look at what’s going on without performing an invasive procedure. Therefore, adult echocardiography focuses on identifying and diagnosing cardiovascular problems in adult patients.

As a cardiovascular technician, you would be responsible for administering echoes to adults and providing members of your healthcare team with the necessary data to make sound diagnoses. The Eastern International College team takes a closer look at what adult echocardiography entails and how our Cardiovascular Technology Program (CVT-AAS) can prepare students for this line of work.

What Is Adult Echocardiography?

In general, echocardiography is a painless, non-invasive test that uses sound waves to create a moving picture of patients’ hearts. From this in-depth, 3-D image, providers can learn about the size, shape, and functionality of the heart they’re viewing. Echos are also a crucial tool for discovering and diagnosing cardiovascular issues quickly and accurately.

While echos can be performed on people of any age, cardiovascular techs can attain specialized knowledge about the heart health of different patient demographics. Adult echocardiography is a popular path to pursue. For this specialty, techs usually focus on the following areas:

By specializing in adult echocardiography, cardiovascular techs can gain a more in-depth understanding of heart health in adults, enhancing their ability to interpret echo readings. In addition, they will be able to provide helpful insights to their team about adult heart health that can positively impact patient care.

Our Cardiovascular Technology Program

At Eastern International College, our Cardiovascular Technology Program (CVT-AAS) provides graduates with an Associate of Applied Science degree after two years. Over the course of the curriculum, students learn the ins and outs of adult echocardiography, receiving both theoretical and hands-on knowledge to qualify them for challenging, rewarding work after graduation.

By enrolling in this CAAHEP-accredited program and graduating, you’ll receive the tools to become a culturally sensitive practitioner who can deliver non-invasive cardiac sonography procedures, like adult echoes. As a graduate you will also gain the skills to become an effective communicator to providers and patients alike and be able to become a successful member of any healthcare team. Finally, our faculty equips each cardiovascular tech student with the skills and knowledge base to become certified and act according to protocol and legislation, so you’ll be ready for whatever your future holds.

Enroll in Our CVT Program Today

For years, Eastern International College has been helping students gain the skills to perform sound adult echocardiograms and become successful in the field of cardiovascular health. With campuses located in Jersey City and Belleville, New Jersey, you can choose the most convenient option to get started on your journey to become an entry-level cardiovascular tech. To learn more about our Cardiovascular Technology Program (CVT-AAS), request more information or schedule a tour with a member of our Admissions team today.