Dental Hygienist Cleans A Patient’s Teeth

If you are a registered dental hygienist with an Associate’s Degree, you might be looking for a way to advance your career. With a packed schedule and not much free time, how will you complete a bachelor’s degree that equips you with the necessary skills to achieve your goals?

With Eastern International College, you’re in luck. We offer an online Bachelor of Science Degree Completion Program in Dental Hygiene, an ideal option for busy professionals looking to build on their associate’s degree and improve their knowledge of dental hygiene. Here’s a breakdown of what online dental degree completion entails.

Easily Transfer Credits

No matter where you completed your associate’s degree, Eastern International College takes pride in making the registration process as easy as possible for our students. Accounting for a total of 180 quarter credits, our Online Dental Hygiene Degree Completion Program requires a minimum of 90 quarter credits to be transferred from your previous associate’s Degree. With the ability to transfer up to 74% of your total transfer hours, the remaining 90 quarter credits consist of:

Manage Time Effectively

One of the most important aspects to consider when seeking an online degree is the ability to balance your coursework requirements with the demands of your daily life. Without having to attend classes on campus, our online dental degree completion program gives you flexibility, making it easy for students to fall into an optimal routine. For every course, you’ll be provided with a syllabus that details due dates and when assessments will take place. This enables you to carve out time to complete your assignments and study as it corresponds with your busy personal schedule.

Additionally, each quarter runs in ten (10) week segments, allowing you to focus on the subject at hand and move quickly on to the next one in an efficient manner. For some students, this setup proves to be particularly advantageous, as it enables them to finish our online dental degree completion program at their own pace.

Learn from Anywhere

Courses for this program are accessible through Canvas, our eLearning platform. You’ll be provided with a username and password to enter the system, where you can virtually participate in classes and interact with your instructors. Compatible with desktop or laptop computers, all you’ll need is a secure Wi-Fi connection, webcam, and headset with a microphone to learn from wherever it is most convenient for you. You have the flexibility to set your own schedule for when you can log in to regularly participate in your classes.

Join a Supportive Community

Eastern International College’s Online Dental Degree Completion Program is designed to foster an engaging learning environment and meaningful relationships with your instructors and fellow students. Our instructors have impressive experience working in the field and a passion for helping all of our students succeed, allowing us to structure our program for your ultimate success. You’ll also have the chance to collaborate with your peers on projects, as well as cheer each other on throughout your studies.

Connect with Eastern International College Today

When you’re ready to further your career, Eastern International College is standing by to help you determine whether our Bachelor of Science Degree Completion Program in Dental Hygiene- online is right for you. We’ll also navigate you through the admissions and financial aid processes, as well as provide you with continued support throughout your academic journey. For more information about our online dental degree completion program, contact our admissions specialists today.

Learn from Home

This program is designed to be completed online from any of the following states:

Alabama (AL) Idaho (ID) Michigan (MI) New York (NY) Tennessee (TN)
Alaska (AK) Illinois (IL) Minnesota (MN) North Carolina (NC) Texas (TX)
Arizona (AZ) Indiana (IN) Mississippi (MS) North Dakota (ND) Utah (UT)
Arkansas (AR) Iowa (IA) Missouri (MO) Ohio (OH) Vermont (VT)
Colorado (CO) Kansas (KS) Montana (MT) Oklahoma (OK) Virginia (VA)
Connecticut (CT) Kentucky (KY) Nebraska (NE) Oregon (OR) Washington (WA)
Delaware (DE) Louisiana (LA) Nevada (NV) Pennsylvania (PA) West Virginia (WV)
Florida (FL) Maine (ME) New Hampshire (NH) Rhode Island (RI) Wisconsin (WI)
Georgia (GA) Maryland (MD) New Jersey (NJ) South Carolina (SC) Wyoming (WY)
Hawaii (HI) Massachusetts (MA) New Mexico (NM) South Dakota (SD)


Residents from the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands may also apply.