How to Know If Nursing Is Right for You

Should I be a nurse?” 

Is nursing the right career path for me?

If you have these questions on your mind, then you’ve come to the right place. Nursing is one of the highest-rated healthcare professions in terms of job satisfaction. However, all jobs come with unique challenges, and nursing is no exception. To help you determine whether this occupation is the right one for you, Eastern International College in Jersey City and Belleville, New Jersey, takes a closer look at some of the key aspects of nursing.

Varying Shift Options

The shifts that a nurse can expect will vary based on where they apply for a position. For example, if a nurse works at a private practice, they might work eight-hour days for a total of 40 hours per week. If they work at a hospital, on the other hand, then they might work three 12-hour shifts, totaling 36 hours weekly.

Part-time hospital nurses work even fewer hours each week. On average, these professionals work between 10 and 30 hours in total. If you choose to be a school nurse, a nurse educator, or another option, then your hours might vary even further. If the flexibility offered by these options sounds ideal to you, then going into nursing might be the right choice.

Equally Rewarding and Challenging

One of the reasons the nursing field is rated so highly is that it allows nurses to connect with patients. Further, nurses can make differences in their patients’ lives, thereby contributing to the overall wellbeing and health of their surrounding communities. Aside from these rewards, nurses can also enjoy a variety of duties and work environments, keeping things fresh throughout their careers.

However, all careers come with their challenges. The nursing field is demanding from assisting with life-saving procedures, consoling patients’ family members, and more. Yet those who desire to be challenged at work can thrive in this type of fast-paced environment. Plus, by working as a team and allocating their time just right, nurses can maintain a healthy balance of both challenge and reward. 

Plenty of Career Opportunities

Once nurses attain their certification, they may wind up going in many different directions. Some of the most popular choices include:

If these and other nursing career opportunities excite you, then earning your nursing degree at Eastern International College might be an ideal step to take.

Explore Our Nursing Program

If you’ve decided that nursing truly is the right path for you, Eastern International College’s Bachelor in Nursing Degree program is your ticket into this lucrative field. Offering the chance to become a part of a student-centered, career-oriented student body, our Jersey City and Belleville campuses are open to you. To learn more about our program offerings, call us at 201-942-0640 (Jersey City) or 973-302-9546 (Belleville). Or, if you’re still not sure which future career is right for you, take this quiz to help you make the right decision.