Diagnostic medical sonography is a rewarding career in the clinical healthcare field. A person in this position uses special imaging equipment to produce images of a patient’s abdomen, chest or other parts of the body in order to give an accurate diagnosis.

Not sure if a diagnostic medical sonography career is right for you? Below, we offer a glimpse of what you can expect as a sonographer, otherwise known as an ultrasound technologist.

How to Tell if Diagnostic Medical Sonography Is Right for You

In order to become a certified sonographer, you’re required to complete a degree program in diagnostic medical sonography, as well as pass a certification exam. At EIC, the 122-credit B.S. program prepares students to take the exam through education and hands-on training from accredited instructors.

In addition to meeting the educational requirements, sonographers also need to possess excellent written and verbal communication skills. A large portion of their job involves interacting with patients and members of the healthcare team on a daily basis. It’s important to help patients feel comfortable and maintain a warm, friendly environment while performing the ultrasound. Other traits include having a genuine desire to help people and strong computer skills.

Working as a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

With a diagnostic medical sonography career, you may work in doctor’s offices, hospitals or medical imaging laboratories. The duties of sonographers typically involve meeting with patients, explaining the technology to them and answering their questions, conducting the ultrasound and then evaluating the results with nurses and doctors to determine a diagnosis.

While there may be challenges associated with a diagnostic medical sonography career, the feeling of getting to help people and being able to work in a field that’s constantly evolving helps make everything worth it.

Discover an Exciting Career in Healthcare Today

If you’re interested in pursuing a diagnostic medical sonography career, enroll in Eastern International College’s Diagnostic Medical Sonography B.S. program. This program is offered at both our Jersey City and Belleville campuses. Contact us today to get started.

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