Preparing for the Nursing Program

If you’ve already applied to or enrolled in the nursing program at our Jersey City or Belleville campus, you’ve taken the first step toward a promising future. However, there’s still more to do to make the most of your studies with Eastern International College. Check out everything you need to know about getting ready for nursing school before the first day of classes. 

Fulfill the Requirements

Applying and acceptance are the most important steps when getting ready for nursing school. EIC applies the same requirements to all applicants to our Associate of Applied Science in Nursing (ADN- AAS) program, which include: 

Aside from these criteria, our nursing school also requires new students to complete a drug screening, provide proof of citizenship, undergo a background check, and receive health clearance by a licensed healthcare provider. 

Meet with an Academic Officer

Once you’ve enrolled in EIC’s nursing program, make sure to meet with your academic advisor. Our advising team includes knowledgeable faculty members and program directors who draw on a wealth of experience to answer questions and offer guidance.

During an initial consultation, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions about class schedules, curriculum, and more. The main job of each academic advisor is to help students achieve their goals, and each is motivated to support your success. 

Chat with a Financial Aid Advisor

Financing your education involves many important decisions, and at EIC, you don’t have to make them alone. Our Financial Aid Office institutes an open-door policy with staff available to students throughout the application process and their enrollment. Our financial aid officers also schedule one-on-one meetings at the start of each semester to help determine the best way to fund your education. Taking advantage of these meetings helps you feel confident in your financial decisions, takes the worry out of paying for nursing school, and can help you make the most of your educational investment. 

Get Organized

There’s no doubt about it – earning a degree is hard work. That’s why planning for your busy schedule is a critical part of getting ready for nursing school. Look for methods of organization that work for you, from paper planners to apps on your phone, and block out the time you’ll need for all your commitments. When classes begin, add due dates for projects, exams, and more to avoid added stress. 

Getting Ready for Nursing School in Jersey City or Belleville, NJ

When the semester begins, the time you spent getting ready for nursing school is sure to pay off. To learn more about our Associate of Applied Science in Nursing (ADN- AAS) program, request additional information from Eastern International College. We’ll explain everything you need to know about the program and our Jersey City and Belleville, NJ campuses so you can start working toward an exciting career in healthcare. 

Tours are on pause for now

Take a Campus Tour

Whether you’re awaiting an admittance decision or have already been accepted at EIC, schedule a tour of either our Jersey City or Belleville, New Jersey campus. During your tour, you’ll get more familiar with our campus grounds, tour our library, and even locate classrooms ahead of time. Plus, you can take the opportunity to ask your tour guide for some insights about attending EIC, like which public transportation to take or where the best local eateries are.