Discussion Between Allied Health Professionals

There are many paths to a rewarding career in allied health, from diagnostic imaging to medical assisting; some individuals feel called to leadership roles that will help them make a difference. If you’re one of these people and have already achieved an Associate’s Degree in an allied health field, Eastern International College’s online Bachelor of Science in Health Leadership Completion Program could be the best next step for you. Let’s take a look at some of this program’s top benefits.

Potential Career Advancement

Your Associate’s degree prepared you to enter the world of allied health, and there’s no doubt you found it extremely rewarding. Some individuals prefer to stay in these roles throughout their careers to continue providing the highest quality of care. But if you’re eager to take on more demanding roles, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in health leadership is a great choice. No matter which type of work you eventually pursue, you’ll find new opportunities to take leadership in the workplace and ensure the delivery of quality care. In addition to the skills you’ll learn, potential employers will also be impressed by your motivation, time-management abilities, and overall commitment to advancing your knowledge.

Learning on Your Schedule

The life of an allied health professional is demanding: work, family, friends, and more. Making time to attend classes can be difficult, and it discourages some students from pursuing additional education. Fortunately, Eastern International College’s health leadership program is fully online, so you can study when and where it’s most convenient.

There’s no need to drive to campus or attend class at a set time, making it easy to learn on your terms. Many of our students prefer to study during a commute, take exams on lunch breaks, or learn once the kids are in bed. And because you’ve already completed an Associate’s Degree in allied health, our health leadership program lets you dive right into the coursework that’s most important to your studies. Earning your bachelor’s degree online gives you the flexibility needed to complete the program in just 16 months without sacrificing your current job, time with family, and all the other important things in life.

A Better Value

Finding room in your budget for additional education isn’t always easy, but the value of earning your Bachelor’s Degree in public health through our online completion program can help ease financial burdens. Most traditional programs require you to incur any costs, including fuel and other vehicle expenses, room and board, additional childcare costs, and even small items, like snacks and beverages on campus. Factor in the need to reduce your work hours or quit your job entirely to accommodate your class schedule… and education can quickly become unaffordable.

Online study eliminates most of these costs, since all you’ll need to pay are tuition, fees, and the cost of the internet connection you already use at home. And because you can keep your current job, there’s no need to worry about keeping up with all your day-to-day expenses while you learn.

Complete Your Health Leadership Degree

Are you ready to take the next steps toward an exciting career in health leadership? If so, contact Eastern International College for more information about our online Bachelor of Science in Health Leadership Completion Program. We’ll answer all your questions about admission requirements, the benefits of online study, and more. To get started now, apply online today.