Eastern International College has partnered with Ultimate Medical Academy

This partnership gives graduates of UMA the opportunity to continue pursuing post-secondary education in select programs and institutions. This agreement is designed to allow UMA graduates of select associate degree programs to transfer approximately 60 credits to Eastern International College’s Bachelor of Science in Health Leadership Completion Degree. Ultimate Medical Academy graduates must have a minimum CGPA of 2.0, a grade of “C” or better in transferred coursework, paid all partner fees, and an associate degree from select programs to enroll in EIC.

Graduates from other Colleges

Graduates with an Associate degree in a health-related program or allied health field from an accredited institution can apply.

Why Study Health Leadership at Eastern International College?

EIC students with a Bachelor’s in Health Leadership acquire skills valued by employers.

Complete a  Bachelor’s Degree Online

If you have already completed an associate degree in a health or allied health related field, you can apply to the Health Leadership program and complete the bachelor’s degree 100% Online. As a prospective student if you were searching for healthcare degrees offered online, EIC is an option for you from any state. Apply Today

Career Paths Available to someone with a Bachelor of Science in Health Leadership.

The BSHL Degree at EIC

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