There are so many exciting career opportunities within the ever-evolving healthcare field, one of them being cardiovascular technology. A cardiovascular technologist helps physicians monitor and diagnose patients with heart disease or heart defects. For those interested in pursuing a cardiovascular technology career, the journey may start at EIC and end up taking you to any number of places. Here’s a look at the typical cardiovascular career.

The Typical Career of a Cardiovascular Technologist

To enter into this field, you have to first complete an accredited degree program, like the two-year Cardiovascular Technology degree program (CVT-AAS) at EIC. After that, you must pass the ARDMS registry examination. Most technologists find jobs at hospitals, but some work at private cardiology facilities or diagnostic imaging centers.

When a cardiovascular technologist first starts out, their responsibilities usually include applying electrodes to patients, operating the testing machines and then disconnecting the patient. They need to have strong communication skills for interacting with culturally diverse patients and members of the healthcare team. They’ll explain the procedure to the patient, review their files and answer any questions they may have.

As their career continues, the cardiovascular technologist may start taking on additional responsibilities as deemed necessary by their current role. Some of those responsibilities may include:

Embark on Your Journey Today

Are you interested in becoming a cardiovascular technologist? You can get your own journey started by enrolling at Eastern International College. Our Cardiovascular Technology Program with a focus on Non-Invasive Adult Echocardiography can prepare you for success in the healthcare field. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a campus tour. This program is available at both our Jersey City and Belleville campuses.

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