Office of Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness (OAIE)

Office of Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness

Dr. Hany Zaky, Director


Eastern International College’s Journey to the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) Accreditation

In 2013, EIC began to explore regional accreditation with the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) and, to that end, established an exploratory committee to assess the potential of achieving such accreditation. During this same year, the College established a Strategic Planning and Middle States Accreditation Committee, comprised of a cross-section of representatives for the various departments and campuses of the College. The membership of this committee, in conjunction with that of the Board and Administration, determined it was appropriate to proceed.

In July 2013, the College had its first formal meeting with Middle States representatives and, later in the year, attended the MSCHE annual conference in Philadelphia. The Middle States Institutional Profile, Accreditation Readiness Report, and other associated documents were initially submitted on April 21, 2014. The following month, additional documents for the Accreditation Readiness Report were requested by MSCHE and were promptly sent. 

In July 2014, EIC received the Analysis of Accreditation Readiness Report prepared by Dr. Sean McKitrick. The report was shared with the Steering Committee, and a strategy to address the items in the report was discussed and finalized. A conference call with Dr. McKitrick for clarification and guidance took place in September 2014.

In November 2014, Dr. Melda Yildiz was hired for the Director of Assessment, Accreditation, and Compliance position.

From December 2014 through November 2015, EIC worked on the deficiencies indicated in the Analysis of Accreditation Readiness Report. A conference call with Dr. McKitrick took place in November 2015 to discuss Dr. McKittrick’s scheduled December visit.

In December 2015, Dr. McKitrick visited EIC to review and discuss the information in EIC’s Accreditation Readiness Report (ARR), confirm our eagerness to continue the accreditation process as determined by MSCHE, and discuss the following steps to achieve “accreditation readiness” and be granted the opportunity to self-study. Based on outcomes from the December 2015 site visit, EIC plans to provide an ARR update to the Commission.

On May 26, 2016, EIC submitted its first ARR update to MSCHE. MSCHE sent a site team to our campus on September 19-20, 2016, to evaluate our updated ARR. On November 17, 2016, MSCHE followed up with a site team report based on their visit. The report requested a second ARR update on or before September 1, 2017, addressing all concerns raised in their follow-up report.

On September 1, 2017, Eastern International College submitted its second ARR update, as requested. From September 24-26, 2017, a MSCHE site team visited the campus and provided an exit report. The College received notice from the Commission on November 17, 2017, in response to the site team visit and exit report, that it has been granted the status of “Candidate for Accreditation.” This indicates that Eastern International College has achieved membership with MSCHE and is progressing toward regional accreditation. Also included in the MSCHE letter was the need to provide the Commission with an updated Accreditation Readiness Report and enhanced Strategic Plan by March 1, 2018, which included updated information including, but not limited to, further progress toward compliance with Standard 2, 7, and 14.

In March 2018, EIC submitted the updated ARR to MSCHE, as requested. In June 2018, the College was notified that the Commission acted to accept the Candidate’s Progress Report and to invite the institution to initiate self-study. In early November 2018, members of EIC participated in the Self-Study Institute held in Philadelphia, PA, and, at the month’s end, attended MSCHE’s Annual Conference in Washington, DC.

On February 17-20, 2020, EIC hosted the MSCHE site visit. On July 1, 2020, the College received accreditation from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) and withdrew its accreditation with ACCSC in December 2020.

Eastern International College is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education and thereby adheres to the Commission’s Standards of Excellence, including meeting all criteria for accreditation: mission and goals, ethics and integrity, design and delivery of the student learning experience, support of the student experience, educational effectiveness assessment, planning, resources, and institutional improvement, governance, leadership, and administration.  The College meets all the criteria set forth by the Middle States, and our self-study report is due in 2024.

On October 29, 2020, the MSCHE approved EIC’s substantive change request application to include an alternative delivery method- distance education- within EIC’s scope of accreditation.

On June 22, 2022, The MSCHE approved EIC’s substantive change request applications to close the Belleville campus and the teach-out of the Cardiovascular Technology Program.


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