Get Involved and Learn More about Life at EIC

At Eastern International College, we’re committed to your professional development. Whether you’re attending classes at on campus or online, EIC offers a wide array of student services and opportunities to help you gain experience and build positive relationships with fellow students as you work toward your degree. Surrounded by an encouraging, inspiring learning environment, you’ll learn the importance of hard work and professionalism, so you’ll be better equipped to enter the workforce upon graduation.

Student Services

As a commuter school, EIC is always looking for ways to help students get involved and make connections. That’s why our Student Services Program supports busy students with a full range of social and professional activities, as well as opportunities for community service. Here are some of the activities directed by Student Services:

  • Student body representation
  • Departmental student professional groups
  • Community-focused events, such as food drives, special presentations and blood drives

To gauge the interest of students in existing and potential groups and activities, the Student Services Director meets with the student body each semester. As a result, the direction of student services activities is determined by you and your classmates.

Get Involved

At EIC, it’s our mission to enrich campus life with academic, artistic, social, recreational and cultural activities and events. From joining a group to attending a seminar, there are plenty of ways get involved at EIC. Stay up to date on the latest news and events via your Eastern International College Mailbox. You can also check out our calendar to learn more about the exciting opportunities planned for the next few months.

Learn More About Life at EIC

What sets EIC apart from other colleges in New Jersey? Beside our dedication to the professional development of students planning to enter the allied health field, we encourage students to further their college experience by being involved on campus. For more information about student services, contact us today.