EIC Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Office of Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness (OAIE) ensures EIC’s compliance with policies covering discrimination, harassment, accommodations, and equal opportunity.

The vision of Eastern International College is to the leaders in healthcare education with national and international distinction among healthcare professionals; to offer innovative, high-quality, baccalaureate degree programs in high-demand occupations with curricula driven by leading-edge technology; to integrate online instruction and instructional programs to broaden our program offerings and widen the base of prospective students; to graduate field-experienced, highly skilled, professionals; and to sustain accreditation for the College while sustaining professional accreditation for our existing degree programs.

Eastern International College embraces diversity and inclusion in all aspects of college life. We recognize the core responsibilities to foster an open, welcoming environment where all our community members: Students, faculty, and staff of all walks of life learn collaboratively. We support respectful and meaningful inquiry across all perceived differences.  We value the academic and social benefits that arise from a diverse community. We cogently encourage thoughtful dialogues responding to our world’s rapid and interconnected realities. We will progressively strive to address the challenges in and out of our community. To this point, we extensively attempt to remove the common barriers to success and promote a culture of inclusivity, compassion, and mutual respect among all college members to thrive personally and professionally. EIC members are invited to play an active role in the College’s commitments to diversity and inclusion.  

How To Report Sexual Harassment And Discrimination

EIC Discrimination and Harassment Policy prohibits discrimination and harassment and provides for a prompt investigation of reports of prohibited behavior. Need to report sexual harassment or discrimination? View the Offices to Contact When Reporting Sexual Harassment or Discrimination flow chart for information and instructions. Title IX Information

  • The reporting procedure is available for all members of the College community, including students, faculty and staff.
  • You will be protected against retaliation for filing a complaint and/or participating in an investigation.  You cannot be punished, harassed or treated adversely for having come forward.
  • Title IX Office will inform you of each step in the investigation.  No action will be taken on your report without advising you of what is happening.
  • EIC will take prompt and effective remedial action in response to any harassing or discriminatory behavior.

In March 2023, EIC administered the Campus Climate Survey asking EIC students, faculty, and staff to provide information in order to inform our campus diversity and inclusion practice.

Diversity and Inclusion Survey Report-2023

Students Satisfactory Survey 2023

The Office of Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness (OAIE) and Title IX office assist in formulating the following policies:

Includes the procedure through which EIC investigates reports of discrimination and protections for parties to an investigation.
View this link https://eicollege.edu/current-students/title-ix/policies/ 

ReportIT: Follow the link to report your case (Confidential and Secure- You need to have an EIC email to pursue)

Outlines the requirements for conducting equal employment and working opportunity (EEO). View the Employee Policies.

At Eastern International College, academic advising starts when a student applicant initially interacts with an admissions officer. This initial interaction provides the opportunity for a student applicant to learn more about the degree program, requirements, and other relevant information pertinent to admissions. View the Academic Advising and Retention Plan

FERPA for Faculty and Staff

SAP Policy: Student are required to maintain satisfactory academic progress

Faculty Professional Development Policy


Completion Certificate – Eastern International College

COVID-19 Vaccination Policy

Eastern International College is committed to providing reasonable accommodations for qualified individuals with disabilities, including chronic illness, in a fair and equitable manner, and in accordance with applicable federal and state law. 

If you need to make a request for accommodation, please click here to visit our Disability Services page.