Student Services Program

The Student Services Program is all about you, our students, and focuses on activities which help students gain personal development skills, leadership opportunities, and tools necessary for an enriching and well rounded student life experience at Eastern International College.

Student Services includes, but is not limited to:

  • Participating in the student body representation: Student Council 
  • Departmental student professional groups.
  • Opportunities for creating or joining a club with students that share similar interests as you.
  • Community Service opportunities (food drive, special presentations, blood drives).


At Eastern International College, we seek to maximize the experience of our students and to aid you with growth and development. Each semester, the Student Services Team meets with the students to determine your interests with current existing programs/clubs, as well as new groups, clubs, and activities. Experienced faculty provides guidance with expertise in leadership, professionalism, and ways to make you stand out! We always seek to increase our students’ involvement and, ultimately, student services activities are based on the interests of our students.

 Having Fun & Enhancing Your College Experience:

  • You get to start a club that you are passionate about and get to meet others who share the same interests.
  • It’s a great way to meet and network with others, which includes faculty and your peers. This can aid you when it comes time for employment in your trained field. You can attain letters of recommendation or individuals who will stand as a “reference” for your reference sheet when interviewing.
  • You get to meet community members and/or be a hero through enriching the lives of others in our communities as a result of your generosity, dedication to a cause, and leadership.




Leadership Opportunities:

  • Participate in a club or our Student Council and be a leader and voice for your peers. Advocate for your student body and meet with the Student Services Team to share the suggestions and concerns of your student body.
  • In taking a leadership role, this allows you to articulate the information on your resume. See for assistance with your resume.
  • You get to be a part of enhancing the organizational branding of your school as a leader and increase enthusiasm, motivation, and morale in participating and getting involved.
  • Having leadership opportunities allows you the chance to increase your transferrable skills, especially when it comes time to attain positions upon graduation and where you are presented with chances for pay raises and/or promotional opportunities to demonstrate your abilities in a lead role.
  • You get to be a leader in your community and have others recognize who you are.

Charities & Fundraising:

  • What are you passionate about? Start a club and be a leader or a participant. As a leader, you get to develop your skills and as a participant, you are both valued at a higher rate in the workforce because you are serving and giving back to your community, utilizing your critical thinking and problem-solving skills and showing how you go above and beyond.
  • Let us know which charities you are interested in and experienced faculty will assist you with the cause.

Increase Your Professional Development Through Career Service Workshops:

  • EIC offers our students and graduates the opportunities to have professional growth and development, which gets listed on your resume under “professional development.” Check canvas under student services and check out the monthly calendar to sign up.
  • Also, ensure that you are utilizing your EIC email addresses and checking that mailbox regularly. When you are working, they have you utilize the company’s email address, not your personal one. This is part of growing as a professional.

Enrichment Workshop Participation or for Counseling Services:

  • Student Services and the Counseling Department partner and offer enrichment workshops and ways to reduce stress with test anxiety, how to increase your critical thinking skills, meditation, and much more. Check out “Maria’s Counseling Corner” in our monthly student newsletter, EIC Escapades, for great tips.
  • If any student needs counseling, please reach out to You can find more information for hours, etc. under the Student Services tab; choose counseling.

Disability Services

If you need to make a request for accommodation, please click here to visit our Disability Services page.

Connect with us on Social Media platforms:

Are you an organization that wants to give back and get involved?

  • If so, we have motivated students that are always looking to partner with our employer partners.
  • If you have a cause that you are working towards and would like EIC’s student body assistance, share your idea, which will be present to the students and resources will be identified to ensure we are able to assist at that present time.

Who can I contact for any Student Services inquiries?

  • For any questions, concerns, ideas, or to share feedback, please reach out to Kristine Watco, Career Services and Student Service, at

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