BS in DH Completion Program

Program Description

The Bachelor of Science (BS) in the Dental Hygiene Completion Program online provides associate degree registered dental hygienists (RDH) with advanced educational opportunities to successfully fulfill new and broader roles within the profession of Dental Hygiene. The program teaches the student the essential theoretical knowledge and skills to compete beyond the entry-level positions in the field. Graduates of the program can extend the dental hygiene profession’s reach to provide quality preventive oral health care in an expanded public health arena while developing and instituting diverse treatment plans for a multicultural population. Career paths in public health management, allied health education, pharmaceutical, research, sales and business affiliations are possibilities to the bachelor degree-trained dental hygienist. 

The program has a total of 180 quarter credits with 90 credits transferred in from the associate in dental hygiene degree. The remaining 90 credits consist of 60 credits of upper division Dental Hygiene courses and 30 credits of upper division General Education courses. The program runs in quarters with ten-week courses.

program learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Develop strategies that will prepare them to become successful dental hygiene educators in a dental hygiene program by addressing areas such as: learning theories, teaching strategies, and learning.
  • Develop instructional content and plan, including teaching methods; student and instructor evaluations; and the use of instructional technology and media, for teaching adult learners
  • Demonstrate fundamental understanding of acquiring and applying scientific information in evidence based dental hygiene practice.
  • Demonstrate effective communication skills.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of concepts including researching alternative resources and funding opportunities, proposal writing, implementing and managing grants, developing community partnerships and collaborations, and becoming knowledgeable in policies and procedures related to public entities.

General Education Coursework

Course Number Course title Credits
ART 302 Art and Popular Culture 6
ENG 303 Research Design and Writing 6
HEA 402 Global Health 6
PHI 401 Bioethics 6
SOC 301 Cultural Diversity 6
Total 30

program major courses

Course NumberCourse titleCredits
DH 300Educational Methodology for Dental Hygiene6
DH 301Cultural Competency and Dental Hygiene Care for Target Populations6
DH 302Grant Writing6
DH 303Statistical and Methodological Aspects of Oral Health Research6
DH 400Educational Concepts in Dental Hygiene6
DH 401Leadership Roles for the Dental Hygiene Professional6
DH 402Dental Hygiene Care for Culturally Diverse and Special Needs Populations6
DH 403Epidemiology of Oral Diseases6
DH 404Management of Oral Healthcare Delivery6
DH 405Dental Practice Management with Oral Health Promotion6
Total 60

Total Program Credits = 180 Quarter Credits
Length of Program: 16 Months (70 Weeks) Note: The intersession weeks between quarters are not included. 

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  • Completion of an Associate degree in Dental Hygiene from a school accredited by CODA
  • Complete Admissions Process
  • Completion of self assessment technology survey
  • Proof of passing the Dental Hygiene State Board Exam. Failure to provide a copy of the RDH License by the end of the student’s first quarter will result in dismissal from the program.

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