Institutional Scholarships  (Effective Spring 2023)

Eastern International College offers two merit-based scholarships. Students must be enrolled in a degree program at the College to qualify. Eligibility criteria are listed for each scholarship, with additional details below.
This is applicable for earned semester and cumulative GPA in the Fall 2022 semester


Founder’s Scholarship

The Founder’s Scholarship is open to students of Eastern International College enrolled in a campus-based program. The scholarship is academically based with the following criteria:


Alumni Bachelor’s Degree Scholarship

The Alumni Bachelor’s Degree Scholarship is open to all graduates of Eastern International College or Micro Tech Training Center enrolling in a Bachelor’s of Science degree program at the College.

Additional Scholarship Details (applicable to all Institutional Scholarships)

The application for financial aid funds does not end at the College. Students are strongly encouraged to seek outside scholarship funds. The following do not represent the entirety of scholarships available to students, and should be used as a starting point in the search for additional aid.

Discover Nursing

American Dental Hygienists Association

Preferred Home Health Care

Scholarships Nursing

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