BS in RN to BSN Completion Program

Program Description

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN to BSN) Completion Program is designed for registered nurses who want to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. The curriculum provides opportunities for a nurse to develop critical thinking skills, cultural communication competence, decision-making skills, evidence-based practice, leadership skills, and incorporate research in practice and patient advocacy. The curriculum contains 36 quarter credits of levels 300 and 400 General Education courses and 54 quarter credits of nursing courses.

program learning outcomes

Upon completion of the program, the student can

  • Use theories of leadership and organizational behavior to define management practices in multicultural healthcare settings.
  • Explore the impact of interprofessional collaborative practice and the evidence base that supports its effectiveness in achieving healthcare outcomes and innovations.
  • Analyze qualitative and quantitative data for evidence-based decision-making leading to continuous quality improvement in the delivery of safe, efficient, and cost-effective patient care, and the evaluation of patient care outcomes.
  • Discuss the impact of healthcare policy and politics on the quality of patient care and delivery of other healthcare-related services.
  • Apply public health and community health nursing concepts in addressing community healthcare disparities, health education, population health goals, and the role of the nurse in the community.
  • Explain the impact of technology and informatics on the delivery of efficient and cost-effective healthcare services and patient care outcomes.
  • Demonstrate clinical reasoning skills in health assessments on clients across the lifespan.

General Education Coursework

Course Number

Course Title

Quarter Credits

SOC 301

Cultural Diversity


ENG 303

Research Design and Writing


MAT 300

Basic Statistics and Microsoft Excel Applications


HEA 402

Global Health


HEA 403

Women and Health


PHI 401







program major courses

Course NumberCourse titleQuarter Credits
NUR 301Health Promotions6.0
NUR 302Nursing Informatics6.0
NUR 303Population-Centered Healthcare in the Community6.0
NUR 306Advanced Health Assessment6.0
NUR 307Nursing and Evidence-Based Practice6.0
NUR 406Leadership in Nursing6.0
NUR 407Health Policy6.0
NUR 409Inter-Professional Collaboration in Healthcare6.0
NUR 410Nursing Excellence: Focus on Innovation (Capstone)6.0
Total 54

Total Program Credits (after 90 quarter credits transfer)= 90 quarter credits
Length of Program: 16 Months(70 weeks) Note: The intersession weeks between quarters are not included. 

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Entrance into the Online Bachelor of Science in Nursing Completion Program (RN to BSN) requires the following criteria:
  • Completion of an Associate degree in Nursing from a school accredited by the Department of Education.
  • A cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better (on a 4.00 scale) is required.
  • Complete Admissions Process
  • Completion of self assessment technology survey
  • RN License
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