Office of Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness (OAIE)


The Office of Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness at Eastern International College (EIC) aims to facilitate effective data-driven decision-making by creating and providing accurate data collections, performing integrating analysis and research, and advocating for data quality and integrity to comply with the accreditation requirements. OAIE provides EIC faculty and staff with professional development opportunities that foster the college’s mission as a student-centered institution.   

Dr. Hany Zaky

Director of Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness
Dr. Zaky was named EIC’s Office of Institutional Effectiveness director in August 2022. Dr. Zaky received his Doctorate Degree from Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP), focusing on Curriculum and Instruction. His research interests and published work include Teacher Reflection, Action Research, Reflective Teaching, Educational Technology, Assessment and Evaluation, Professional Development for Diversity, and Culturally Responsive Pedagogy. 

The Office of Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness (OAIE)

  • Coordinates EIC’s internal data collection and analysis activities, including assessment activities related to accreditation and strategic planning.  
  • Advance opportunities for personal, social, cultural, leadership, professional, and community growth in a comprehensive approach that enhances student life and learning at EIC.
  • Provides faculty members with learning opportunities focusing on academic advancement and enhancing leadership and teaching skills. 
  • Organizes the on-campus training and professional development opportunities outside of Eastern International College 
  • Monitors EIC’s progress toward mission fulfillment and the goals and objectives in the college strategic plan.

Faculty Development Unit (FDU)

EIC is committed to stimulating best practices in teaching and learning, promoting excellence in teaching in all its forms. EIC’s Faculty Development Unit is for the professional development of the faculty members. It is a powerful resource for EIC faculty, providing opportunities for innovating their teaching, learning advising best practices, and engaging with other faculty around shared interests. FDU has the following goals:

Goal 1: Orients new faculty members and facilitates integration into the EIC Culture and Mission

Goal 2: Provides faculty members with in-house/school seminars and workshops on content, pedagogy, and technology.

Goal 4: Gives opportunity for each faculty member to demonstrate expertise in their field through periodic seminar presentations.

Goal 5: Assists faculty members in maintaining professional certifications and attendance at conferences and workshops.

Goal 6: Completion of a Professional Development Plan (PDP)

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