Eastern International College participates in the United States Department of Education student aid program and is required to comply with the Higher Education Amendments of 2005. This legislation requires the college to offer a refund policy that provides the most beneficial refund to students. A refund is the difference between the amount the student paid to the school (including financial aid) and the amount the college can retain as prescribed by the appropriate refund policy. Refund calculations are made in accordance with the following policies:

Effective February 1, 2006, a student’s enrollment will be terminated when:

Students who drop individual classes but are otherwise enrolled at the College will not receive a refund or adjustment if they drop the class(es) after the last day of the add/drop period for the specific term, as stated on the academic calendar. However, refunds are available to students who withdraw or are withdrawn from the College prior to the completion of their program based on the Return of Title IV Funds Policy, the Return of State Aid (TAG) Policy, and/or the Tuition Refund Policy for Cash Students described below.

Refunds are based on the total charge incurred by the student at the time of withdrawal, not the amount the student has actually paid. Tuition and fees attributable to any term beyond the term of withdrawal will be refunded in full. However, any books, equipment, and/or uniforms that have been issued are usually non refundable. When a Student withdraws from the institution, they must complete a student withdrawal form with the College. The College will process and post refunds within forty-five (45) days from the determination date—the date on which the College determines that the student’s enrollment should be terminated. The student’s withdrawal date—the date on which enrollment is deemed to have ended—will be the same as the determination date in those cases where the student gives notice. When the student does not give notice, the withdrawal date will be the first class day following the student’s fourteenth (14th) consecutive calendar day of absence.

Return of Title IV Funds Policy

A return of Title IV funds calculation, as required by federal regulations, will be used to determine how much Title IV aid has been earned by the student, and how much, if any, the College and/or student must return to the Department of Education. Under current federal regulations, the amount of aid earned is calculated on a pro rata basis through 60% of the term. After the 60% point in the term, a Student has earned 100% of the Title IV funds. Federal regulations require the return to Title IV funds in the following order, if applicable: Unsubsidized loans, Subsidized loans, Plus loans, Pell grants, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (SEOG), or other Title IV.

Return of State Aid (TAG) Policy

For State Aid recipients for whom a refund is required, the College follows Higher Education Student Assistance Authority (HESAA) regulations regarding calculation of refund in accordance with the New Jersey Administrative Code (NJAC) 9A:9-2.12 (Award adjustments, refunds, and collections). The refund to the State represents its “fair share” of the total available refund as determined by the institutional refund policy. To calculate the amount to be refunded to the State, the College multiplies the institutional refund by the following formula: amount of State Aid awarded for the payment period divided by the total amount of financial aid awarded for the period.

If a State Aid recipient changes enrollment status after the end of the institutional refund period has ended, a refund to the State is not required as long as the disbursement date of state funds has been made to the students account prior to the date of the change of status.

Tuition Refund Policy for Cash Students

Any students paying cash that officially withdraw from a course or the College may receive a refund of tuition, according to the refund policy and schedule established by the College.  The following schedule shall be used in the calculation of refunds for students who pay cash:


Time of Withdrawal Percentage of Tuition Refund
  • Withdrawal during the first week of the semester
  • Withdrawal during the second week of semester
  • Withdrawal during the third and fourth week of semester
  • Withdrawal after the fourth week of semester


Any holder of this consumer credit contract is subject to all claims and defenses which the debtor could assert against the seller

Professional Judgment

It is the decision of Eastern International College, as an institution, to elect to refuse processing of professional judgment applications and documents, with the exception of those for Satisfactory Academic Progress appeals (HEA Sec. 479 (a)). The College will continue to assist all applicants in securing the maximum funding for which the student is eligible.

Receipt of Funds

All payments as owed to the College must be made in a timely manner by the date assigned; failure to make the necessary payments within the allotted time frame may result in the disallowance of future attendance, denial of requests for official transcripts, and/or withholding of semester grades. It is ultimately the student’s responsibility to ensure that all funds as owed to Eastern International College are paid in full.

Additional Information

This course of instruction follows the outline and procedures specified in the College catalog. Upon completion of the program, the student will receive an Associate of Applied Science Degree or a Bachelor of Science Degree.

Should any changes occur in program content, materials schedule, campus location, or expenses to the student, the student will be notified at least thirty (30) days prior to the change. Any delay in starting dates based on under-enrollment or facilities issues will not affect the refund policies.