Bachelor of Science in Health Leadership Completion Program Overview

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Few things feel better than helping others, and working in healthcare provides many ways to do so. Yet after finishing your Associate Degree in allied health or a health-related program, you may wonder how to take the next step into a new role. When you enter the online Bachelor of Science in Health Leadership Completion Program at Eastern International College, you’ll receive the training needed to achieve your goals and grow your career.


A Closer Look at the Bachelor of Science in Health Leadership Completion Program

The online Bachelor of Science in Health Leadership Completion Program gives students the theoretical knowledge and skills needed to move beyond entry-level positions to lead in the healthcare field. It is intended for individuals who:

Please note that this online program is not a full Bachelor of Science program and will not lead to a degree for those who have not completed an Associate Degree-level program.

The program allows students to build on their existing career training to earn a Bachelor of Science degree and prepare for leadership positions. Thanks to online courses, it’s possible to earn a degree while you work full-time and/or care for your family.

Program Coursework and Goals

A Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Leadership allows you to lead a team, promote better patient outcomes, and understand the business of healthcare as a whole. Eastern International College’s online completion program blends intensive leadership training, critical issues in U.S. healthcare, and general education courses for a comprehensive education. Course topics include:

The program builds on concepts addressed in your earlier career training with in-depth courses addressing critical aspects of allied health leadership. Students explore the relationship between leaders and their teams, organization and planning, and important issues in healthcare policy, regulations, and ethics. Additionally, you’ll learn more about managing the operations of a healthcare facility with a focus on efficiency and staff and patient safety. With analytical tools and resources, you’ll gain insight into guiding small- and large-scale operational improvements, leading to successful management.

Why Study at EIC?

With 30 years of excellence in allied health education, Eastern International College is committed to providing comprehensive training in the most in-demand healthcare skills today. Our dedicated faculty, small classes, and cutting-edge technology ensure every student has the tools needed for success.

When you pursue a Bachelor of Science in Health Leadership, you’ll gain access to innovative curricula in a student-focused, career-minded environment. What’s more, our numerous accreditations ensure you’ll be well-prepared for all the challenges a career in health leadership brings.

Prepare for Your Career in Health Leadership Today

The healthcare field offers many opportunities for success, and it all begins with a degree from Eastern International College. If you’re ready to take the next step, apply now or request more information today. We’re standing by to answer your questions and help you receive the quality education the healthcare field demands.