The primary focus of this course is to prepare the student to make the transition from school to the clinical setting in a dental office. Through lecture, class participation, and hands-on experiences, the student will be exposed to a variety of career opportunities. Ethics, jurisprudence, State Practice Acts/Licensure will be integrated throughout the course and will be a co-content approach for the Ethics and Law 2-credit course given this semester. Emphasis will be also be placed on health care delivery systems, dental hygiene practice management, the job search, resume writing, and the interview process as well as professional networking. The clinical component of the course will focus on building speed with efficiency at the dental hygiene chair, incorporating advanced clinical therapies, alternative therapies/medicines-all in preparation for the move from ‘student-hood’ to professional colleague. Prerequisites: DH 100, DH 101, DH 102, DH 103, DH 104, DH 105, DH 106, DH 200, DH 202, DH 203, DH 206, DH 209, DH 210, and DH 211. Corequisites: DH 204, DH205, DH 207, and DH 208