This course presents pharmacology as the study of drugs and how they affect biological systems. Throughout the course of their everyday practice, dental hygienists must frequently draw upon their knowledge of Pharmacology for tasks ranging from the routing, such as obtaining a complete patient medical history and appointment planning, to the extreme, such as handling a medical emergency in the office. In addition to a base of knowledge of pharmacology and the drugs used in the current therapy of disease states, the dental hygienist must also have a solid foundation in the terminology and vocabulary that is associated with pharmacology. This course examines medications routinely prescribed for medical and dental conditions and the role of the dental hygienist in patient assessment and treatment planning. Systemic medications, complementary medicine, anesthesia, and oral pharmacotherapy will be included. Local anesthetic agents will be emphasized. Prerequisites: DH 100, DH 101, DH 102, DH 103, DH 104, DH 105, and DH 106. Corequisites: DH 209, DH 210 and DH 211