This course is a continuation of Periodontology I. The student will apply the foundation knowledge gained in semester five’s Periodontology I. Dental and dental hygiene treatments for the periodontally involved patient are reviewed with a formal presentation of a case developed by each student. Assessment, dental hygiene diagnosis, treatment plan, implementation evaluation of the periodontally challenged patient will be the concentration of this course. The philosophy of co-therapy between the professional and the patient is assessed and evaluated. Current home therapies are considered and reviewed. Dental hygiene therapy and its role with the periodontics specialist are evaluated. Surgical intervention, surgical reconstruction of the periodontium, implant insertion and maintenance with emphasis on the hygienist’s role are explained. Alternative and holistic therapy, such as stress reduction, and behavioral habits, such as smoking cessation, for the patient are considered. Prerequisites: DH 100, DH 101, DH 102, DH 103, DH 104, DH 105, DH106, DH 200, DH 202, DH 203, DH 206, DH 209, DH 210, and DH 211. Corequisites: DH 201, DH 205, DH 207 and DH 208