This course is a continuation of OB/GYN Sonography I. It covers more advanced topics, focusing on pathologic conditions as determined by gynecologic/obstetric ultrasound scanning, how to recognize abnormal and pathologic sonographic patterns of the uterus and adnexa and how to correlate these with patient history and lab values, normal and abnormal 2nd and 3rd trimester pregnancy including fetal number, position, grade, and location of the placenta. Students learn the components of a complete anatomy scan, including the ultrasound appearance of the head, neck, spine, heart, abdomen, pelvis, and extremities. Accurate assessment of gestational age through fetal biometry techniques is covered. Complications of pregnancy are also addressed, including IUGR, congenital syndromes, fetal disorders, multiple gestations, and placental abnormalities. Lectures are complemented with scanning normal gynecology anatomy in the student lab. Prerequisites: DMS 202.  Note: For students starting the DMS program effective Fall 2016, the Prerequisites are: DMS 202 and ENG 101.