This course focuses on the development of interviewing skills and physical examination skills to provide the learner with a systematic method for collecting data using the nursing process. Students will learn the psychomotor skills necessary to complete physical, psychosocial, and spiritual assessments. The learner will apply these skills to collect a comprehensive database, demonstrate a complete physical examination, and create a plan of care. This course will begin with a discussion of optimal self-care behaviors through Self-Care Agency, then focus on deviations from those behaviors with assessment results for the healthy individual used as a reference point. The importance of assessment of cultural aspects of health will be emphasized. Students will have lab experiences in the Nursing Learning Laboratory where health assessment skills can be practiced. Students will utilize critical thinking skills in identifying health alterations, formulating nursing diagnoses, and documenting findings appropriate to the practice of nursing.  Prerequisite: NUR 101,  Co-requisites: NUR 102