This course is designed to provide senior nursing students with an opportunity to apply nursing concepts across the curriculum in a culminating practicum during which they function with a nurse preceptor in a designated clinical setting. The overarching goal is to provide students an opportunity to critically think and apply nursing concepts as they transition from the student nurse role to nursing practice. The course provides a foundation for the novice nurse entering practice and there is specific emphasis on the leadership role as it pertains to safe delegation of nursing care and managing multiple patients within a health care system utilizing health care informatics and technology to shape and inform decision making. There is opportunity to examine and assess nursing competency and skills needed to function and communicate as a practicing nurse in a safe, effective, and cost-efficient manner with guidance and oversight by a nurse.  Prerequisite: All NUR courses except NUR 107, NUR 203  Co-requisite: NUR 203 and NUR 206.