Withdrawal from Degree Program

Students who officially withdraw from the program may be eligible for a refund of tuition charges. In order to officially withdraw from the program, students must submit their withdrawal request in writing to Dean. Please use the Withdrawal Form.

Course Withdrawal

A student who officially withdraws from a course after the drop period will earn a “W” grade. This “W” grade will not be computed into the student’s GPA but will be counted towards attempted credits which will directly affect the student’s Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) for credits completed. A student may withdraw from the same course only once. After the second withdrawal, the student will be terminated from the program and must successfully appeal this decision to the Academic Appeal Committee (AAC) for reinstatement. Any course withdrawal will not result in a change in Financial Aid received by the student, and the student will be responsible for the full fee of the course(s). Official withdrawal from all registered courses for the semester may affect the student’s financial aid status (e.g. student loan grace period, Return to Title IV funds calculation, enrollment-based academic benefits, etc.).

*Students are strongly advised to contact their Financial Aid Advisor to discuss the financial component of withdrawing from their degree program.

Withdrawal Form


Leave of Absence 

Students are required to fill out a leave of absence form when there are extenuating circumstances that prevent a student from attending classes for an extended time period (e.g., hospitalization and recovery from a serious accident or illness).

Leave of Absence