Satisfactory Academic Progress (“SAP”)

Eastern International College makes every effort to provide our students with ample opportunity to successfully meet the academic requirements for graduation and to ensure that each student is given sufficient preparation to meet all scholastic conditions necessary for making satisfactory academic progress, and to receive financial aid should they qualify.

At the end of each semester, a student’s academic record is reviewed to determine whether or not the student has met SAP requirements. Satisfactory Academic Progress comprises a quantitative and qualitative component as required to ensure timely completion; students must also complete the program within the 150% time period of the program length.

The qualitative component of satisfactory academic progress is measured by cumulative grade point average (GPA) from the beginning of the program enrollment at Eastern International College and will be monitored at the end of each semester. To satisfy the qualitative standard, you must maintain a cumulative GPA as dependent on your semester of study.


SAP Qualitative Requirements Table

EIC Attempted Credits ADN & DH Programs ONLY All Other Programs
1-12 credits 2.00 Cumulative GPA 1.50 Cumulative GPA
13+ credits 2.50 Cumulative GPA 2.00 Cumulative GPA


2.00 GPA required for graduation for MA-AAS, CVT-AAS and DMS-BS
2.50 GPA required for graduation for ADN-AAS and DH-AAS


SAP Quantitative Requirements Formula

Completed Credits (including Transfer Credits)

—————————————————————            x 100% = Pace of Completion

Attempted Credits (including W grade)


Students must complete their program of study within a maximum frame of no more than 150% of the required length of the program credits.

Completed Credits
DMS-BS 122 total credits 183 credits max.
ADN-AAS 70 total credits 105 credits max.
DH-AAS 78 total credits 117 credits max.
CVT-AAS 66 total credits 99 credits max.
MA – AAS 60 total credits 90 credits max.
DH-BS (Completion Program) 60 total credits 90 credits max.


Failure to Meet Satisfactory Academic Progress

If a student fails to meet any of the requirements to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress, he/she will be in jeopardy of losing current and future financial aid funds as anticipated. Eastern International College elects to review student records for SAP requirements each payment period to allot students every opportunity to maintain standards as necessary for timely program completion. As such, students will be afforded a chance to be placed on a conditional Warning Status prior to loss of funding; students may also appeal for reinstatement of funding.

SAP Warning: Failure to meet SAP requirements will result in SAP Warning Status. During this semester, the student will be eligible for financial aid funding. The student must meet SAP requirements at the end of the Warning semester to retain financial aid funding for subsequent semesters.

SAP Probation: A student who has not satisfied SAP requirements after the Warning semester will be asked to appeal in writing to the Academic Appeals Committee. If the appeal is successful, the student may be eligible for financial aid funding, however he/she must meet SAP requirements at the end of the Probation semester to retain future funding. Failure to meet SAP requirements at the end of the Probation semester cannot be appealed.

SAP Suspension: A student has failed to meet one or more SAP requirements following Financial Aid Warning or Probation. The student unsuccessfully or did not appeal decision (if Warning) and is ineligible for funds. Student must meet SAP criteria for reinstatement.

Following the loss of funds, a student must attend the following semester without Title IV eligibility and meet SAP requirements to be eligible for reinstatement. The student must meet SAP quantitative, qualitative, and maximum time frame standards as well as all terms as set in the student’s Academic Plan. Should a student be placed on SAP Suspension, he/she may appeal this decision to the Academic Appeals Committee (AAC) within ten (10) business days of notification. Conditions for an appeal include mitigating circumstances such as a death in the family, illness, involuntary military leave, or other special circumstances. Should a student appeal his/her status of SAP Suspension to the Academic Appeals Committee and have the appeal approved, conditions regarding academic expectations could be imposed as necessary in order to meet the provisions of the appeal.