Registrar: How We Can Help You

The office of the Registrar is where all files and student records are stored. Our Registrar office at Eastern International College keeps all records and files in compliance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act and provides support services to the students, faculty, and the administration of EIC in New Jersey.

The Registrar exists to:

  • Provide accurate information and answer to questions
  • Keep all information on a secured database
  • Protect the integrity of EIC by enforcing all policies
  • Serve the students at EIC in an efficient, respectful, and confidential manner

Leave of Absence

A student in circumstances that make it impossible for him/her to maintain adequate class attendance must submit a written and signed request for a Leave of Absence (LOA). The LOA may not begin until the College has approved the request. Additionally, the LOA period may not exceed 180 days within any 12- month period. The College may grant more than one leave of absence in the event that unforeseen circumstances arise, such as medical reasons affecting the student or a member of student’s immediate family, military service requirements, or jury duty, provided that the combined leaves of absence do not exceed 180 days within the 12-month period. If a student fails to return from an approved Leave of Absence, then the College will terminate the student and apply its refund policy. The LOA must be requested prior to the beginning of the semester start for the designated semester. The LOA cannot be requested during the semester for that same semester.

Leave of Absence 2022

How To Request a Transcript

Mail /Walk-in Request:

  1. Download the form online or request a form at your Eastern International College campus at the front desk or Registrar’s office.
  2. On the form indicate whether you need an official or an unofficial transcript request.
  3. For an Unofficial transcript request you can fax, mail, bring the form into the Registrar’s office.
  4. For an Official transcript the form must be handed in or mailed with the $10.00 fee per transcript.
  5. If you have an outstanding balance, the transcript request will not be processed (Check with Bursar’s office if you are unsure).

For in person requests:

Jersey City Campus:

684 Newark Avenue, Jersey City, New Jersey 07306

Belleville Campus:

251 Washington Avenue, Belleville, New Jersey 07109

Duplicate Diploma/Certificate/Degree Request Form

Fill out this form if you need a duplicate of your diploma, certificate, or degree.

Duplicate Diploma Request Form 2022

Allied Health College in New Jersey

If you have any questions about registration, classes, transcripts, grades, enrollment verifications, credits, degree audits, credit transfers, or another school-related job, then you need to contact the Registrar today at our Jersey City office at 201-957-0877 or our Belleville office at 973-571-5032. Our staff wants to help clarify any confusion you might be facing and figure out how to complete your degree in a timely manner!