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Career Services at Eastern International College

The primary mission of Career Services is to coach, prepare, and support students and graduates to become the best career ready applicant in a competitive and global work environment through educational and student learning experiences. Career Services collaborates with companies, area colleges, community partners, faculty, alumni, and staff to assist students with real-world experience to become work-ready and productive citizens. The staff of Eastern International College is committed to assisting graduates with achieving their career and educational goals.

At Eastern International College we train you for your future position in the workplace. We also teach you the skills needed to become a master at the interviewing, aid you with job-readiness, and show you how to secure an entry-level position in the field in which you were trained. We guide you in how to obtain, maintain, and enjoy gainful employment.

At Eastern International College your journey begins at orientation. Our Director of Career Services will introduce you to what lies ahead and offer tips on how to stay focused and rise above your competition. The Career Services department is here to help individual students find their passion and aid them in discovering, not only a job, but their career.

Services Provided by EIC Regarding Job Placement

To accomplish our mission, the Office of Career Services promotes, coordinates, and provides services to assist students with career guidance and the most current job search strategies and opportunities. The staff provides general information and support, as well as individual career counseling to assist in exploring and setting career goals. We provide one-on-one training, workshops, webinars, and group presentations to help students learn how to secure employment within their trained field to reach fruition and maximize their new degree, post-graduation.

We also provide the following:

  • Career Services Session, which is the ultimate overview (resumes, interviewing, etc.)
  • Deciding which resume style format is best for you
  • Dress for success
  • Effective company research
  • Email etiquette & job search
  • Externship preparation
  • How to apply for government jobs & prepare a government resume
  • Interviewing
  • Lateral workplace violence: bullying
  • Marketing yourself
  • Mock interview
  • Networking
  • Online job search
  • Professional job search: how to conduct the process for success
  • Professionalism in the workplace
  • Resume building & writing
  • Social media advantages and pitfalls
  • Soft skills – A key component in obtaining and maintaining employment
  • Volunteering and what it can do for you

Do you have an idea for another workshop you would like to have presented?

If you have an idea for another workshop, please email and indicate “Workshop Suggestion” for the subject line portion of your email.

Opportunities: Volunteering, Externships, Direct Hire:

The Office of Career Services works closely with our externship and student-life departments to offer assistance to students looking for volunteer opportunities, externships, and direct hire (full-time or part-time jobs) in preparation for their career goals.

Career Services offers many services to students and alumni. The office encourages students to register as they begin their programs and take advantage of the resources throughout their journey with Eastern International College.

Career Services does not guarantee placement, but has an extensive database of employer partners and leads for all programs.

Employers and guest speakers visit the college to interview students for permanent and temporary employment during recruitment days and job fairs. Job fairs take place in April and October of each year. Recruitment days are set up throughout the year depending on our employer partners needs. Career services are available to graduating students and every effort is made to assist each graduate in obtaining gainful employment; however, EIC does not guarantee placement.

Talent Management Assistance for our “Employer Partners”

Our Career Services Department looks forward to aiding all of our current and new employer partners with their talent management; we currently have a variety of qualified candidates to fill your vacant positions. Our students/alumni are trained within our Dental Hygiene, Cardiovascular Technician, Medical Assistant, Nursing, and Diagnostic Medical Solography programs. Career services also offers mentorship and guidance to student, if you desire that additional assistance. We are dedicated to helping you find the “perfect fit,” with our talented and knowledgeable student graduates and alumni.

Furthermore, we would love to partner with you and engage in “Educational Partnerships” through our externship and clinical experiences. If you enjoy giving back to your community and sharing your extensive knowledge as an expert, we have guest speaker opportunities. Email please email  for more information.

We look forward to hearing from you and meeting your needs! Call today for a tour.