Occasional stress is a normal part of everyday life, if you ever feel overwhelmed, anxious or fearful, Eastern International College’s counseling services can help. At EIC, we give you the opportunity to explore your concerns and problems with a master’s-level counselor in a confidential setting.

Counseling Services

With experience working with college-age and adult students, EIC’s counselor is dedicated to helping enhance your psychological, social and academic development. Available exclusively to currently enrolled EIC students, our counseling services take the form of individual counseling, support groups and informational seminars. Our college counseling services address the following concerns:

Office Hours

At EIC, confidential counseling services are provided during these office hours, please contact Maria Billings to schedule an appointment in Jersey City campus:

Jersey City: Wednesdays

Always available by appointment, please e-mail maria.billings@eicollege.edu.


Privacy and Confidentiality Policies

Information you reveal to the counselor will remain confidential within the limits of the American Counseling Association’s ethical standards and the law. In general, the counselor cannot discuss your situation with anyone unless you have given written permission to release information. However, there are certain situations in which confidentiality must be broken and information must be reported to the appropriate person or agency. These situations are as follows:

  1. If what you share indicates you are imminently in danger of harming yourself or others.
  2. If what you share reveals evidence of child or elder abuse or neglect.
  3. If we receive a court order or subpoena.