Tutoring Services at EIC

As a commuter campus, Eastern International College’s Student Services Department and Academic Department have developed tutoring services that not only meet the academic needs of our Belleville and Jersey City students, but are designed to increase student engagement, as well. Browse our on-campus tutoring services below, or call us at 201-216-9901 (Jersey City) to learn more about our tutoring program.

Tutoring Services

At our Jersey City campus, college tutors are available throughout the week to help students improve their academic performance. Tutoring sessions are taught by EIC professors and are designed to support in-class learning. The positive work space is a great way to boost your self-esteem, as well. After tutoring, students often feel more confident with their grasp of the subject matter and some even develop better study habits that they can carry with them to other classes throughout their college career. With help from this support, students are more likely to excel in their courses and enjoy their time here at EIC that much more.

Benefits of Tutoring

When you take advantage of tutoring services at EIC, it can help you stay engaged with your coursework and benefit from a more structured learning experience. Our tutoring programs are available at no cost to you, letting you get the assistance you need to develop and hone your skills in select areas of study, such as English or Math. Since tutoring for most subjects is offered at least twice a week, you have the flexibility you need to integrate tutoring into your own regular class schedule. Plus, meeting with instructors in person provides the opportunity for more hands-on, one-on-one learning that may not always be available in a typical classroom setting.