Cardiovascular Technologist Helps Administer a Stress Test

In the field of cardiology, physicians rely on the assistance of competent cardiovascular technologists, who are proficient in non-invasive sonographic procedures. As America’s population continues to age, the need for highly-qualified cardiovascular technologists within the adult echocardiography sector continues to grow as well.

Eastern International College offers a Cardiovascular Technology Program has a focus on non-invasive adult echocardiography. Here’s a closer look at some of the cardiovascular technologist duties you’ll be able to successfully perform after completing our Associate of Applied Sciences degree program.

Conducting Adult Echocardiography

One of the main cardiovascular technologist duties entails conducting a host of non-invasive diagnostic imaging tests, including adult echocardiograms. A specialized type of ultrasound technology, adult echocardiograms look inside the chest to analyze different parts of the heart. These important images are used by cardiologists to make an accurate diagnosis of:

While there are several types of echocardiograms, each requires the expertise of a cardiovascular technologist. By properly performing imaging of a patient’s anatomy, technologists allow the cardiologist to give a proper diagnosis. These tests can mean a great deal for a patient’s future, and our program will help you form the skills necessary to correctly administer them.

Effective Patient Care and Communication

Imaging is just part of a cardiovascular technologist’s job, as they also play a critical role in patient care. While they are not medical doctors and cannot diagnose patients, they are often the first medical professional to see the patient before crucial procedures. Often patients are nervous and anxious to know if something is wrong with their heart, and a cardiovascular technologist must have the skills necessary to calm their fears and talk them through what’s about to happen.

A cardiovascular technologist who receives their degree from Eastern International College is trained on how to deliver care with the highest level of professionalism and concern. You’ll learn how to confidently perform vital cardiovascular technologist duties, which include:

Properly recording anatomical and physiological information that the doctor will interpret is another important aspect of being a cardiovascular technologist. You must know how to utilize effective oral and written communication skills to not only relay information to the patient but to also deliver critical data to the treating physician. Our program will prepare you to successfully communicate with your patients, patients’ family members, and colleagues.

Learn with Us

These are just a handful of the cardiovascular technologist duties our students are prepared to handle thanks to our Cardiovascular Technology Program. Aside from earning an A.A.S. in a supportive, professional environment, you’ll be fully prepared for graduation of our CAAHEP accredited program and have the skills ready to enter the field. For more information on our program’s specifics, contact our admissions specialists today.