The Registrar’s Office at Eastern International College works closely with the college community to ensure timeliness and completeness of student records. The Registrar’s Office maintains and reviews student records for registration, graduation, and course progression including but not limited to transcripts, schedules, and attendance logs. Records are reviewed and maintained according to FERPA guidelines with student privacy the utmost concern.
FERPA Policy
Student Identity Verification in Distance Education
Policy for Assigning of Credit Hours
Graduation Honors Criteria

Location: 684 Newark Avenue, Jersey City, NJ 07306

Office Hours: Monday-Thursday 9:00am-6:00pm, Friday 9:00am-5:00pm

Office Staff:

Karen Lopez (Registrar)

Betty Woodham (Assistant Registrar)

List of Services Provided:

For questions about any of the services listed above, please contact


The Bursar’s Office at Eastern International College works closely with students, the Financial Aid, and Accounting offices to ensure the accuracy of student accounts as reported in campus-based software as well as to third-party agencies. As such, the Office processes registration forms including Add/Drop and Withdrawal Requests to match student schedules with the cost of attendance as listed. All Book Vouchers are received and acted upon by the Bursar’s Office.

Student invoices as assigned by monthly payment agreements made with the Financial Aid Office are distributed monthly for account reconciliation. The Bursar also provides follow-up communication to students concerning past-due accounts and collects payments for fees and payment plan installments.

If you are a Jersey City student and want to contact Jersey City’s office e-mail and include Jersey City campus in the e-mail subject line.


Student Collections Policy

Payment installment plans are designed to help students manage college expenses and avoid incurring debt. Students are responsible for payment in full by the due dates as listed on the College Payment Plan (CPP). The CPP is signed in conjunction with the Enrollment Agreement upon term enrollment. The CPP and Enrollment Agreement are binding contractual agreements that acknowledge the student’s financial obligations to the institution.

The student is provided a copy of the signed CPP upon completion of registration and has access to this document electronically. Students have the ability to check their financial account via the College’s Student Portal to regularly monitor updates on payments received and outstanding balances. It is the student’s full responsibility to ensure that any amount owed to the College is paid in full.

The CPP immediately becomes delinquent if payment is not received by the College on the designated due date. A Bursar Hold is placed on the student’s enrollment status record that indicates delinquency; once a Hold is assigned, the student’s access to College systems is revoked. Additionally, the student is not permitted to register for classes or receive a copy of their grades, official transcripts, verification of enrollment, or degree.

A Bursar Hold in place as of the term census date (Last Day to Add/Drop) will result in the immediate cancellation of student’s registration for that term. Any funds received at the College for cancelled enrollment are subject to the Institutional Refund Policy.

The College makes a good faith effort to conduct outreach to students to avoid assessing a Bursar Hold. This includes notifications sent via the College’s official method of communication (Eastern International College email, @eicollege.eduLinks to an external site. accounts), follow up calls or notification to devices, and updates through the College’s mobile app.