Eastern International College students are advised by faculty members, as well as program directors, when needed. These Academic Advisors who are well-versed in program-specific scheduling, grading, and curricula, motivated to help students achieve their academic goals. In some special circumstances, the Dean of Academic Affairs may also advise the students.

Tutoring / Laboratory Availability

Students are encouraged to use the computer labs and the Library/Learning Resource Center after class hours. Students must sign in prior to using the facilities, and must sign out when they leave the facilities. Students who desire extra hands-on practice involving invasive procedures or work in the labs may only undertake such practice with clinical faculty present. Tutoring is also available for general education courses at pre-arranged times set by the Chair of General Education. Times are posted in the library and tutoring is typically held in either the library or the laboratories.


Attendance Advising Form
Academic Advising Form
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Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Form In Campus
Tutoring Form
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